Where old barrels go to die

old barrels

Or better yet, to be reused

In the little town of Daleville, Mississippi, just off the corner of Highway 39 and Daleville Prismatic Rd sets the workshop of the Blackwater Barrel Company. Here is were the very talented Curtis Shumdte and his crew turn the finally used for the last time wooden oak barrels into beautiful pieces of patio furniture and other works of art.

1 seater
2 seater
barrel coolers

Sitting out on the deck, enjoying a nice warm summer evening requires a cold refreshing drink.

You could run to the refrig in the house, or just reach into your wooden cooler adorned with your favorite team saying.

barrel hoop pumpkins
barrel cart

We visited the Blackwater Barrel Company too late in the year for the barrel hoop apple season, but we were there in time to help pick the barrel hoop pumpkins. The barrel stave garden cart made the harvest go smoothly.

The list of items Curtis and his crew puts out goes on and on. If you are ever going through Daleville, MS be sure to stop by.

(at this time their web site is not up. But as soon as they let us know it is we will put up a link.)

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