We, Mike and Sandy, do a bit of traveling,

and for years it was mostly by plane. As we flew along we would stare down at the little dots of light 35,000 feet below and wonder why was that town there? What did the people do there? What else was there? What was between each town? And every now and then, when there was nothing else for miles around, we wondered why the heck was anyone even there?

During those flying years we kept saying one of these days we are going to replace air travel with drive travel and visit those places we saw from so far up.

Well the day finally arrived and while most of our trips are still for business, the majority of our traveling is done by Sandy's Explorer or Mike's F150. Our routes and stops are pre-planned before we leave town plus there are many spontaneous stops. There are so many other places we hear about while on the road that we mark them down for the next time we will be passing through the area.

We always allow enough time so we can slow down to take in the local scenery and stop to learn about the area. Traveling with us are our trusty D300 and D300s Nikons and our Flip Video camera to capture and now share the wonderful and marvelous sights we see.

We hope you enjoy our travels and we welcome your comments and suggestions. Let us know if you see a picture you would like for most are available.


Where We've Been Recently

Arches National Park entrance sign
Big Mac Bridge
Kentucky Bourbon Trail Oatman Arizona

Kentucky Bourbon Trail


Kentucky Cooperage    


Latest News

We have returned from our latest trip to Barbados and our cruise on the Royal Clipper.

Needless to say we had a


Now give us a couple of weeks or so to first get used to this damn cold weather and to comb through all our pictures.

We are sure you will not be disappointed with the results.











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E-mail us with your ideas as to where we should be planning a trip. We are always looking for new and interesting places.